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Acres of opportunity

It’s simple, if you’re in farming you need to be at the UK's leading event dedicated to solving the challenges faced by your fellow agrarians through smart agricultural technology solutions. 

Future Farm Technology offers you a direct and efficient way to find the ideas and solutions you need to increase your productivity, reduce waste and grow profit. Meet the innovators behind the new technologies changing the way your business is done. Have your voice heard about the direction of new technologies and rake in the benefits of meeting the right people.


Reasons to visit FFT

Make technological progress

Put together by the experts at Farmers Weekly, our conference programme allows you to discover the latest technologies in agriculture to help improve productivity and yields each year.

Gain insider knowledge

Learn how to reduce your use of pesticides and fertilisers while increasing your yields by using green solutions such as field mapping and micro-weeding. 

Find green solutions

Stay ahead of the game by discovering the latest technology in AgTech and meeting the people creating them. From waste reduction to dairy automation we’ve got all the information you need. 

How does AgTech solve your challenges?

Improve performance & profitability

Technology is modern farming’s best friend because it improves efficiencies and reduce costs. The existing support payments have made it possible for many farmers to survive with non-profitable farm businesses – that will not be an option in future due to a reduction in subsidies. 

Automation of activities

It’s time to invest in smart AgTech to enable the automation of tasks traditionally done by manual labour, benefitting you financially and reducing your reliance on the workforce. 

Greener pastures

Green practices are being encouraged and rewarded, and subsidy payments are increasingly being weighed against environmental impact. Scientific agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have the potential to support the dual goals of higher productivity and product quality with an emphasis on earth-friendly farming practices.  

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Let us make it easy for you to view the latest technology and get answers on how to improve your farming business.

It has been great to see some of the new companies working in the agritech space and the innovations which are developing for example how drones are using spray technologies. It has been great to engage with the exhibitors in a casual setting. I will definitely be visiting next year.

Agricultural Biotechnology Council

The theatre talks were very advanced and gave you an insight into what is out there and how it can be used.

Mill Operator
Fane Valley Feeds