Conference Topics

Spread across 2 days and two stages the free-to-attend conferences will tool you up with the latest thinking, the latest insights allied to the latest kit on the show floor. Topics that will be on the agenda are:

Regulation and Policy post Brexit (Alignment with European and Global policy)


  • Public goods and environmental impact of Agriculture
  • Mitigating the climate crisis, agriculture an agent for change
  • Reaching Net Zero
  • Farming sustainably and efficiently whilst delivering public goods

Globalisation and Big Data in Smart Farming


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, measurements, analyses and benchmarking tools
  • Tracking from field to store: using RFID Sensors and blockchain to avoid recalls and food wastage
  • IoT: using sensors in the field and in equipment
  • Monitoring peak nutrient growth (from apps to drones)
  • Water supply and weather management tools to mitigate against climate change
  • G5 and cloud computing’s impact on Agriculture

Precision farming (case studies and applied R&D)


  • Plant Genomics (gene editing the new eugenics)
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Automation of processes and tools
  • Robotics in practice
  • Agritechture the new buzzword
  • Costs and affordability driving the rate of adoption